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Please welcome the newest member of our VetCare team, Dolly! Dolly is a beautiful long-haired cat that has finally found her permanent home here with us.

Dolly was originally adopted from the Humane Society, but apparently suffered an accident that injured her leg. The new owners, for whatever reason, took Dolly back to the humane society after hours and left her by the door in a box – cold, injured and unaccustomed to being outside. A humane society employee found Dolly and called Dr. Radney to evaluate her injury. It appeared that she suffered from a tear in her ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) – an injury common among athletes – that could be repaired by surgery.

While the Humane Society tried to locate a benefactor to cover the costs of Dolly’s surgery, she stayed at VetCare. As our guest, we became aware of her wonderful personality and concern for other animals (she can’t tolerate hearing another animal cry!) and we offered to sponsor her surgery and adopt her as our clinic cat.

Dolly’s ACL was repaired in May and has recovered beautifully. She now spends her day greeting customers, helping with paperwork and patrolling the clinic for stray cat treats. She is an extremely affectionate cat, and very demanding when she wants attention! She has her pet bed by the front door, and doesn’t even mind too much when our canine clients give her a sniff while she’s relaxing. If you haven’t already met Dolly, we invite you to stop in and meet this pampered feline who has finally found her perfect home.





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